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Distributing and selling SuperMicro server and HP server

About us

We started our business since 2000 and now Ariyan web Iranian with relying on more than 18 years of professional experience, is one of the powerful companies in expressing server services such as sales advise, assembling, trouble shooting and after sales services like remotely support and etc

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This company with brilliant experience in many data centers is ready to offer services such as consultation, designing and supervision, installation, instruction and support of every data centers according to TIA942 and BICSI Standards

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With use of elite specialists and latest equipments of best companies we are prepared to express products and software/hardware services for parallel computing systems, fast and ultra-fast computing

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By knowledge of professional experts we are able to offer designing and supervision, installation, instruction and support and maintenance of every Render Farms

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We are capable of configuring storage systems like NAS, DAS and SAN and by using high quality equipments of well known brands such as HP, SUPERMICRO, EMC, you can entrust your every projects of storage systems, backup systems, cloud service , big data and etc

Ariyan Web Iranian Products Guarantee

:Ariyan Web Iranian Guarantee And After Sales Services

Every Products Presented by Ariyan Web Iranian have 1 year guarantee and 3 years after sales Services and guarantee conditions are exactly listed on guarantee card of your product

:Ariyan Web Iranian Golden Guarantee

in this case you can have 3 years guarantee and 5 years after sales services according to conditions on your guarantee card

:Ariyan Web Iranian Special Guarantee

With this service if you encounter any problem, company committed to send specialists to your server location and if needed we will return your server to our department to repair it or if needed changing with a new one and this process will last 1 day maximum

.It is worth mentioning that company is responsible of every transferring expenses

Note: Every products of Ariyan Web Iranian has Normal Guarantee by default and if you want to blessed with golden guarantee or special services, it is necessary to coordinate with our Sales Responsibles

:Highlight of Some Products

Complete servers in Best brands such as HP and SUPERMICRO
Presentation Of Every Server Components Like Mainboard, CPU, Ram, Power Supply, GPU, Raid Controllers, Fiber Cards, HDD and SSD with best Prices And Highest Quality That Completely Fills Your Needs
.Configuring Server Operation Systems, Raid Partitions and etc


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    Tell: (+98) 88823686 – ۸۸۸۲۳۶۸۷ – ۸۸۵۰۸۰۷۴ – ۸۸۵۰۷۱۰۵

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